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Scryb Inc.
Don’t miss out on this unique tech stock opportunity!
Mayfair, London, UK
Our 2022 Tech Stock Pick

The Venture Letter™ brought readers major tech-stock wins in 2020 & 2021 including VSBLTY Groupe Technologies (up 282% in just three months!) and VERB Technology (up 245% in just over a year!).

And NOW we’ve found a tech stock we feel will be our next a major win…

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  • Frankfurt: EIY
A tech stock not to be missed

Our Tech Stock pick for 2022 is a fast-growing company that has already generated significant shareholder value. The stock saw a high of C$0.93 in 2021; however, as of 01/01/22 the stock is trading right at its 2021 trading low of C$0.15. We see this as an opportunity to:

  • Get in on a massively over-sold stock with outstanding upside potential for 2022
  • Take advantage of significant near-term shareholder value outlined in our free Special Report
  • Make money on a stock with powerful operations in Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Software Bills of Materials (SBOMs), Internet of Things (IoT), Sensor Technology, Predictive Analytics, Computer Vision and much more.
  • Beat the crowd, get fully informed and get in early for the 2022 ride!
Major Bonus for all new Scryb shareholders!

Scryb Inc. just announced the planned ‘spin-off’ of Cybeats™ into a standalone publicly-traded company in 2022.

All lucky Scryb Inc. shareholders at the time of this transition are expected to be entitled to FREE SHARES in the new Cybeats™ stock.

The more shares of Scryb owned, the more free shares of Cybeats™ planned!

Scryb Inc. owns 100% of a platform that powers businesses and technologies with applied intelligence, real-time analytics, and actionable insight.

The platform boasts proven adaptability across diverse markets, from digital health and diagnostics to cybersecurity and manufacturing.

Sensor technology, IoT, predictive analytics and computer vision are cornerstones of the cloud-based platform that continues to evolve.

10 Reasons to invest in Scryb:
  1. Scryb Inc. built and owns a technology platform at the inflection point of its commercial growth. With one omnipotent platform Scryb simultaneously disrupts the AI & Tech innovation landscape;
  2. Excellent exposure to the AI, machine vision and white-hot cybersecurity market with multiple, recent billion-dollar IPOs and a flurry of cyber attacks all over the world;
  3. Scryb’s proven technology is being utilized in multiple commercial products across diverse markets;
  4. Scryb has seasoned executive teams with a collective 150+ years of technology expertise, especially in cloud, data analytics, machine vision, AI and cybersecurity;
  5. The total addressable market size for Scryb is in excess of US$400 Billion which we feel will generate multiple, different business opportunities to maximise shareholder value;
  6. Scryb’s proven business model is to innovate/partner/service disruptive blue-sky technologies to create substantial value for shareholders by way of royalty, growth equity, and large cash transactions;
  7. Scryb has massive upside potential to build enormous value via powering business and technologies with it’s adaptive AI platform;
  8. Scryb’s own Cybeats™ has attracted several notable industry advisors and executives – from the U.S. Department of Defense, the Chief Security Architect from AT&T and several notable high-ranking regulatory consultants to the U.S and Canadian governments;
  9. Scryb has applied intelligence to cybersecurity product offerings, a unique and valuable contribution;
  10. ‘Scryb’ means to predict and scribe means to diligently document. The Scryb name creatively and accurately addresses two critical areas that addresses the world’s future technologically needs right now and in the future.

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