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Big Money-Maker Mine Reactivation

NQ Minerals PLC (NQMI – NEX Exchange, London) recently announced the 100% acquisition of the Hellyer Gold Mine located n Tasmania, Australia. The Venture Letter™ initiated coverage on NQ Minerals in June 2016 as a promising, up-and-coming mining company. This acquisition sets the company as a full mining and production focused company.

We are pleased to provide our readers with a Special Report on NQ Minerals PLC. Please click the following link to view and download the report:

TVL – NQ Minerals Special Report – Major Mine Acquisition – 0123

We will be following NQ Minerals in the months and years to come. Most new mining companies show real growth after a great deal of work and refinancing. We feel NQ Minerals could become a significant, small cap mining company in over the next two to three years.

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