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Pandemic Paranoia: Sectors To Watch & Why

With the recent and justifiable rise in global tension during the Covid-19 pandemic, The Venture Letter™ is focused on sectors in which we think investors like ourselves can get the best bang for their buck. One needs to consider and logically map out known, probable and possible events to stem from this global situation. We have always felt that a calculated bet on where global demand will go next is far better than a seemingly dominant ’emotional guess’.

Sectors to benefit the most, and therefore to see a significant increase in institutional, accredited and retail investor interest, will be the ones into which the money will flow. New and increased flows of capital into theses sectors will, in turn, lead to new innovation and value being created for each of these sectors in the global venture stock markets. Such is the nature of emergency situations; those who think ahead and remain alert may be able to realise returns on investment not yet experienced.

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