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Investor Alert! – Jericho Energy Ventures (TSXV: JEV / OTC: JROOF / FRA: JLMO)

New US legislation revolutionizes Clean Hydrogen industry!
* Jericho Energy shareholders to reap the benefits *

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The Venture Letter™ (TVL) recently introduced readers to cutting-edge, energy-technology investment company Jericho Energy Ventures Inc. (TSXV: JEV / OTC: JROOF / Frankfurt: JLMO), making strong moves in the fast-growing Clean Hydrogen sector. The United States’ newly enacted “Inflation Reduction Act of 2022” includes a $369 Billion commitment to clean energy pursuits. The Clean Hydrogen Production Tax Credit (PTC) included therein is a major benefit for all companies in the burgeoning hydrogen sector, including Jericho Energy.

The key value in the new US Inflation Reduction Act for Jericho Energy shareholders is the dramatic reduction in the current cost to produce clean hydrogen. Overall cost could be reduced by 50% or more, putting clean hydrogen on level footing with the costs to produce coal & natural gas.

hydrogen technologies logo

Jericho Energy is focused on advancing the low-carbon energy transition with investments in novel hydrogen technologies, energy storage, carbon capture and new energy systems. Jericho’s wholly owned subsidiary, Hydrogen Technologies, delivers breakthrough, patented, zero-emission boiler technology to the $30 Billion Commercial & Industrial heat and steam industry. Jericho Energy also holds strategic investments and board positions in H2U Technologies (a breakthrough electrocatalyst and low-cost electrolyzer platform) and Supercritical Solutions (developing the world’s first, high pressure, ultra-efficient electrolyzer).

The United States’ new Inflation Reduction Act’s “Clean Hydrogen Production Tax Credit”

  • forecast to cut the current production costs for clean hydrogen by 50% or more;
  • expected to make US-produced clean hydrogen the cheapest in the world;
  • to give clean hydrogen cost parity or ‘competitive prices’ with fossil fuels like coal & natural gas;
  • removes a critical barrier to US industry’s adoption of clean hydrogen;
  • a historic investment in the US clean energy industry.

As you can probably understand, the new Act is not only a major boost not only to the hydrogen industry as a whole, it will undoubtedly stimulate major, new institutional and retail investment in hydrogen-focused companies.

Recent News: Jericho Energy Breaking Into Australia

In July 2022, the Australian and US Government made a joint statement on the establishment of the Australia-US Net Zero Technology Acceleration Partnership, launched by the Minister for Climate Change and Energy and the US Secretary of Energy in Sydney. The Agreement represents a practical collaboration between industry participants in each of the two countries in the development of the project and demonstrates the ability of business to deliver on both government policy and industry net-zero targets.

Hydrogen Technologies, a fully-owned subsidiary of Jericho Energy, has patented a breakthrough method for burning hydrogen and oxygen in a vacuum chamber to create high-temperature water and/or steam with zero greenhouse gases. With the only by-product being water, the Dynamic Combustion Chamber Boiler (DCC™ Boiler) harnesses the power of hydrogen, for commercial heating, hot water and industrial steam boiler applications.

In an Australian first, LINE Hydrogen and Jericho Energy will collaborate to bring DCC™ Boilers to Australia. LINE Hydrogen will also make available to Jericho and its customers priority supply of green hydrogen and look to enter into off-take agreements for the supply of LINE Hydrogen’s green hydrogen produced at its George Town Green Hydrogen Plant.


A Strong Venture Investment Opportunity

  • The Inflation Reduction Act expected to put clean hydrogen on level footing with production costs for coal and natural gas;
  • Jericho Energy is well-capitalized: in January 2022, completed a C$5.7 million premium-to-market financing, with insiders investing $1.5 million;
  • Jericho Energy has attracted world-class investors/backers including Edward Breen, Chairman & CEO of DuPont, and Belzberg & Co, led by Strauss Zelnick, Chairman & CEO of Take-Two Interactive;
  • The company owns 100% of Hydrogen Technologies (HT), developers of the novel, patented, zero-emission CleanH2steam DCC™ hydrogen boiler system that will play a key role in transitioning the $30 billion commercial and industrial heat and steam market to net-zero clean steam;
  • With major scotch producer Bruichladdich Distillery as team member, Jericho Energy’s innovative boiler solution to heat whiskey stills was awarded US$3.5 million from the UK Government’s Net Zero Innovation Portfolio; a major validation of Jericho’s technology;
  • Initial Hydrogen Technologies clients include one of the world’s largest dairy companies, as well as one of the largest food manufacturers in Canada;
  • Jericho Energy holds strategic investments and board positions in H2U Technologies, a breakthrough electrocatalyst & low-cost electrolyser platform in partnership with SoCalGas; coinvestors include Hess Corporation and Dolby Family Ventures;
  • The company holds strategic investments and board positions Supercritical Solutions, developing the world’s first, high pressure, ultra-efficient electrolyser; co-investors include Anglo
    American and Lowercarbon Capital
  • An investment in Jericho Energy provides access to potentially game-changing hydrogen technologies that would not have otherwise been accessible by public-market investors;
  • The company owns and operates cash-flow producing oil & gas assets (over 50,000 acres) in ultra oil-friendly Oklahoma; plans underway to move into development mode to grow production & revenues to meet increasing demand and monetize on surging prices;
  • Jericho Energy expects numerous catalysts near-term and throughout 2022/23.

Jericho Energy has timed its transition to clean hydrogen investments from fossil fuel investments perfectly. Management has done an excellent job in delivering shareholder value with hydrogen investments so far, and having met with and spoken to Jericho’s core team, we can see that much more is still to come from this dynamic company.

Why Investors Should Take A Close Look NOW

jev chart

Not only should the benefits of the Inflation Reduction Act make investors pay close attention, but the timing is strong to consider a position in Jericho Energy. The company’s shares hit an all-time high C$1.01 in early April 2021; however, since the recent market slump of spring/summer 2022 has dragged share prices lower than usual, the fact that Jericho Energy is now trading just above its year-and-a-half low of C$0.30 is unbelievable. This presents a rare opportunity to get in on Jericho Energy at unusually low prices.

Jericho Energy Ventures Inc.

Frankfurt: JLMO

Year High/Low – C$0.30 – C$1.05
Market Cap 08/22 – C$92.6 million
Shares Issued – 225.3 million
Insider Ownership – ~ 46%

Jericho Energy’s shares are listed for trading on three global stock exchanges: the TSX Venture Exchange (TSXV), the OTC Markets (OTC) and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FSE). The TSXV is where Jericho has its principal listing and where most of the trading occurs. The interest from German-speaking investors on the FSE was good in 2021 and we expect this to continue.
However, we do not feel Jericho is known well at all in the US as trading on the OTC has increased lately. The company is now pursuing wide-spread market awareness in North America which should have a significantly positive impact on overall liquidity & per-share value.

We feel Jericho Energy’s management, board of directors and advisors are dedicated to maximizing liquidity and shareholder value. Through focused investments in the Hydrogen sector we anticipate Jericho’s management will successfully provide new shareholders an ROI not often seen in venture energy deals.

We encourage readers to do further due diligence & consider an initial position in Jericho Energy Ventures Inc.

We feel Jericho Energy’s management, board of directors and advisors are dedicated to maximizing liquidity and shareholder value. Through focused investments in the Hydrogen sector we anticipate Jericho’s management will successfully provide new shareholders an ROI not often seen in venture energy deals.

The Venture Letter™ will be providing future coverage of Jericho Energy Ventures through 2022. We will be sure to deliver all updates to investors who have signed up for more information on
this dynamic company.

If you would like to read the initial, in-depth report on Jericho Energy Venture Inc. edited by The Venture Letter™, please download a free copy of the report here. You can also visit the Jericho
Energy corporate website to sign up for more information, news releases and updates at

Good luck and good hunting.


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RISK OF BIAS. We often own shares in the companies we feature. For those reasons, please be aware that we are extremely biased with regard to the companies we write about and feature in our newsletter and on our website. As of the date of this Investor Alert, principals of The Venture Letter™ own no shares of Jericho Energy Ventures Inc.

Executive Director of Jericho Energy Ventures Inc., Mr. Allen Wilson has reviewed and approved the information contained in this Investor Alert report.

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