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SPECIAL REPORT – The Gold Super-Bull Market; Spotlight on NQ Minerals

Please click the below link for The Venture Letter’s recent report on The Gold Super-Bull Market with a spotlight on NQ Minerals ($NQMLF) and its gold-focused mining projects.

Link:  Gold Beats US$2,000 ; Spotlight on NQ Minerals

We are witnessing financial market history unfolding for our eyes, but few want to truly acknowledge it. Gold is being seen as the top choice for financial safety at this time, but the vast majority of the investing public are unaware of a near-term period of strong capital gains to be realised by many investing in the micro & small cap precious metals mining markets. Depending on the unpredictable path of the global Covid-19 pandemic, The Venture Letter sees at least a 3-5 years period in which public companies with tangible and valuable assets, and generating reliable cash flow will be king. Gold mining companies now have a significant edge to perform well with gold being more valuable than ever and silver hot on its tail.

The global economy has taken and is STILL taking a beating, and things are not expected to balance out anytime soon. Global complications arising from the Covid-19 crisis have set the world on a white-water rafting ride like never before. Interest rates aren’t  just in the toilet, they’ve been flushed along with the value of most debt-based currencies by their central bank buccaneers.

Innovative technology has been seeing the light of day and the big techs are flourishing. However, due to continued global instability and growing competition in the tech realm we feel this sector will not be unaffected over the next three to five years. This and other sector instabilities cause precious metals to make not only the safest, but the most sense in such unpredictable and dubious times. For keen venture stock enthusiasts, it is well-known that picking the right gold deal can change one’s life; however, it is also known that most metals deals fail. That said, information, insight and timing can be a strong advantage to any investor wanting to take part in the gold/silver mining stock game. And a game it is, like hockey. You have to know the game and the team you’re up against, otherwise you stand a better chance losing the match than winning it.

The Venture Letter is reflecting on this unique time in history. Our Chief Editor has worked with gold & silver mining companies for over 25 years. Understanding the ins and outs from the point of view of a previous mining insider, many investors can develop a third sense for what makes sense and what doesn’t in the venture mining public markets. Even (and especially) in a gold super-bull market do investors need to be able to spot the lowest-risk stocks (or deals, as we call them in The Business 👊 📈) with the highest potential to deliver real shareholder value.

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