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Beaconsfield Gold Mine Video – NQ Minerals PLC – $NQMLF £NQMI

NQ Minerals is barrelling forward like a juggernaut. The company has worked magic at its Hellyer Gold Mine and is next focusing on the recommissioning and reactivation of the Beaconsfield Gold Mine, both located on the beautiful island of Tasmania, Australia. The company just recently produced the following video on Beaconsfield that is worth viewing and sharing with fellow investors:

As stated in our most recent Special Report “The Gold Super-Bull Market; Spotlight on NQ Minerals” a statement we stand by:

“Known as a focused company-builder, NQ Minerals’ CEO Walter Doyle has extensive experience in adding value to the companies he leads. We feel Walter Doyle and his team are building NQ Minerals into a strong, gold-focused company that should continue to provide shareholders upside value during and following The Gold Super-Bull Market.”

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